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Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Inter-Cultural Understanding, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Maths and Science, Citizenship, and Community Service.


Linking to local trail organizations. Corridors for animals, flight paths for birds, N-S, E-W. Planting food supplies for migrating species required to prevent species loss using the Life Zone approach. Re-building thickets for rest stops for birds and smaller animals along trails. Protection of rainforests as world heritage. Geographical and geological knowledge. Effects of climate change, global warming and sea level rise. Storm and weather knowledge. Community Service, Achievement Awards.

Sustainable Tourism Development

Sustainable Tourism Development of all walking trails is essential for economic development locally, nationally and globally. Trail development requires a strict policy structure of maintenance which will then encourage return visits by intra-state and overseas visitors. For economic sustainability the need for eco-sensitive intermittent facilities along trails will be addressed. Creature Corridors can be developed along old railways and roads, prior to future policy changes that will require alterations in modes of transportation. This as a preventative method for the shared global commons.

The International Holistic Tourism Education Centre has developed the "Creature Corridors" Millennium Program for schools. Planetary creature loss requires a method of prevention and protection for migratory creatures, including humans, globally. By involving professionals in the areas of urban planning, environmental studies, recreational and "peace through tourism" organizations, correct standards and procedures can be developed. Creature Corridors encourages the replanting of thickets with food supply, using a Life Zone approach. The program involves students in a system of planetary accounting for educational purposes, with results being sent to appropriate government sources.

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