International School Peace Gardens (ISPG) - Introduction

The International School Peace Gardens (ISPG) project is the primary focus of IHTEC.

ISPG is a highly succesful curriculum programme. This site offers comprehensive materials from almost 20 years of international experience.

Please follow the links on the left for more information about this program - especially the ISPG FAQ.

The ISPG/PDK Hawaii link will provide information on the highly successful Hawaii School Peace Gardens (HSPG) program developed by IHTEC and Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Chapter 0067 in Hawaii.  The ISPG Chapter in Argentina promotes International School Peace Gardens throughout Latin America.

As you browse through our site, please take a moment to visit links to our 'Lighthouse Schools' around the world that provide excellent examples of how International School Peace Gardens have greatly improved the social and learning environments of their schools.  Lighthouse Schools include:  St. Agnes Catholic School in Chatham Ontario, the University Laboratory School in Honolulu Hawaii, and Port Elliot Primary School in Port Elliot South Australia.


Integrated Studies including Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Inter-Cultural Understanding, Social Studies, Geographical Studies, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Maths and Science, Citizenship, and Community Service.


Linkages are established to local, state/provincial, national and UNESCO parks and heritage sites. Protected places are used as education learning sites - Peace Parks and World Heritage Sites. Whole School Involvement is encouraged and realized. Life Zones are created using plants as the foundation for a bio-diversity land laboratory. The use of solar and wind energy is encouraged and working projects around these topics are developed.

Community Service, working with other school children and the local community on peace endeavours is encouraged.

Further Program Activities evolving from the School Peace Garden

The School Peace Garden is the first step for introducing continuous Global Sustainability Education activities in schools and communities.

It is a forum and space of awareness for peace and the global commons. From it a variety of holistic programs can evolve, and each curriculum embraces all aspects of sustainability. IHTEC offers programs for Marine, River and Mountain Regions, for Circumpolar Countries, and the Middle East. To learn more about the programs, click here, or use the left navigation bar.