Linking are established with local Marine and Coastal Resource Management and Planning organizations. Protection of marine resources is encouraged, especially with respect to sustainable marine resources. Environmental monitoring of marine species and systems is a major program element, with geographical and geological study components; materials focus on encouraging sustainable use of food and other products derived from marine ecosystems.

Other study components address the effect of climate change and global warming on sea level rise, and include items to increase knowledge of storms and weather. Protection of the world's oceans through the establishment and expansion of Marine Parks, Marine Conservation Areas, UNESCO World Heritage Sites with a significant marine component, and other marine-focused environmental initiatives are encouraged.

The use of the "global village" concept is promoted as the basis for understanding how oceans function and how everyone on earth is tied to each other through our oceans -- we are all affected by how each of us use and consume or pollute and destroy the once plentiful variety of resources oceans can provide. Global understanding that rivers will run backwards with a sea level rise as a result of global warming is a significant lesson which can be taught through this program area of study. Whole School Involvement is encouraged and realized.

Life Zones are studied and created using marine plants as the foundation for a bio-diversity laboratory. The use of solar and wind energy is encouraged. Working projects are developed around these topics. Community service is encouraged through working with the school community and with community organizations having a maritime or marine focus.


Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Inter-Cultural Understanding, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Maths and Science, Citizenship, and Community Service.


Achievement Awards, as noted above, include a beautiful "Marine Peace Parks" pin, awarded upon completion of 40 hours of community service in this area: Available from IHTEC for $5 per pin.

You are invited to join the Marine Peace Parks Millennium Challenge already underway. Dedications of some coastal and marine based Millennium projects have already occurred. It is suggested that the commitment to create a Marine Peace Park be made in a Peace Garden at your school between .... at the same time similar commitments are being made at other schools around the world.


Click below for an Ocean Dedication that is a tool for teaching things to do and achieve as prevention of the critical issues in the ocean.

Download a copy of the Marine Peace Parks brochure.