On May 4th, 1998 the Watershed Peace Pathways (WPP) program was launched at "Rivers 98", the 2nd national congress of professional, public and private interests in river conservation in Canada. At the ceremonial awards banquet, the Canadian River Management Society (CRMS) and the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre (IHTEC) together recognized a number of individuals for their contribution to local community river stewardship, culminating in the presentation of the "Watershed Peace Pathways Pioneers Award" to Mark Angelo, Chair of the Heritage Rivers Board of British Columbia, "for his outstanding leadership in school and community stewardship for peaceful recreational use of global water resources".

Program Description:

"Watershed Peace Pathways" is one of a series of programs designed and developed by Julia Morton-Marr and the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre (IHTEC) to bring people around the world together through environmental programs which emphasize personal and communal connectivity with each other and our living planet. By sharing experiences with children around the world, the Canadian River Management Society (CRMS)-sponsored Watershed Peace Pathways program will bring present and future citizens of this planet closer together, through shared 'peaceful', environmentally-focused activities, geared to the greater benefit of all earth's inhabitants by instilling in school-aged participants a profound pride and joy in our water resources at the most influential period of their lives.

"Watershed Peace Pathways (WPP)" is a world-wide program designed to encourage elementary and high school students and their mentors.

Teacher Resources:

This water document is to be used like a Water Newspaper. Please print the pages you need and place on the classroom or passage wall. This is to help students and teachers see what others are doing and to help them to take their own achievable actions.


Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Geographical Studies, Inter-Cultural Understanding, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Maths and Science, Citizenship, and Community Service.


Linking are established with local River Management and Watersheds Planning groups and Heritage Rivers organizations. Protection of water resources is encouraged, especially with respect to ensuring safe drinking water. Environmental monitoring of water and riparian systems is a major program element, as is material on the sustainable use of food supplies derived from fresh water ecosystems.

The use of the "watershed" concept is promoted as the basis for understanding how rivers function and how everyone within a watershed is tied to each other through the water they use and consume every day. Global understanding that rivers will run backwards with a sea level rise as a result of global warming is a significant lesson which can be taught through this program area of study.

Community Service, working with river groups is encouraged !

Download a copy of the Watershed Peace Pathways brochure.